About The North Fork Boosters

The North Fork Boosters Club is a Community based public benefit corporation with the purpose of promoting charitable and educational prosperity in North Fork.

The North Fork Boosters Club currently owns and operates the North Fork Recreation Center and the North Fork Town Hall.  These facilities are private property and can be rented from the Boosters for any special occasion. For location and rental rates please visit our facilities section.

The Boosters is host to many events year around, from the Annual Loggers Jamboree, Christmas Bazaar, Pancake Breakfasts and the Squirrel Cage Theater shows. Check our calendar for upcoming events! 

Volunteers from the North Fork Community have made this organization and all it’s  good work possible.


On the 12th of December 1949 The North Fork Boosters Club received their Certificate of Corporation, but the first documented reference of The Boosters was on Feb. 15, 1937, in the first volume of The Mono.