Mid-Sierra Loggers Jamboree

33507 Recreation Road 230
North Fork, CA 93643

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The 62nd Annual Mid-Sierra Loggers Jamboree July 2nd & 3rd 2022

It’s A Loggers Life for Me

This event, annually located at the North Fork Recreation Center, pays tribute to the loggers of time past and those still keeping the tradition alive today. Participants in the Jamboree help us appreciate and honor the loggers craft and hard work, while keeping us entertained throughout the competition. All proceeds from the Jamboree go into The North Fork Boosters General Fund to keep local facilities, programs, and events going year after year. In between the competition’s events there are local food vendors and crafts to purchase, and if you feel the need to cool off then head down to the swimming area for a dip. For more information about this year’s event please take a look at this year’s Chips Program.


Tickets for Sundays Main event, when the Professionals compete, can be purchased from the Logger’s Jamboree Queen, Little Princess and Little Logger Contestants prior to the event.

Tickets are $2 if purchased from the contestants or $5 at the gate.

Note: These pre-sale tickets are good for Sundays event only. There are no pre-sale tickets for Saturday’s event, when the amateurs compete. Tickets for Saturday can be purchased at the gate for $5.

Participant Qualifications

Participants sawing away and having fun, Loggers Jamboree 2012
Participants sawing away and having fun, Loggers Jamboree 2012

Professional (Sunday Event)- Participants must have competed in the Loggers Jamboree previously, either as an amateur or professional.

Amateur (Saturday Event)- Participants must not have participated as a professional previously.

*Participant entry fees will depend on the number of events competed in.

Loggers Jamboree Queen

It wouldn’t be a a Loggers Jamboree without a Queen! Every year a young woman from the community is crowned for their exceptional fundraising abilities. These dedicated and hopeful Queens-to-be will sell Loggers Jamboree Raffle tickets to raise money for the North Fork Boosters beginning in May at the Loggers Jamboree Kick-Off Dinner/Dance at Town Hall.  Requirements for entry:  Girls ages 13-18 years, single, no children.  Contact Jennifer  Casner-Fitzwater at (559) 676-7648 for more information.

If you are a previous Loggers Jamboree Queen and have pictures, we would love to put them on the site!

Little Princess and Little Logger

Our Little Princess and Little Logger are the most adorable part of the Jamboree! Children in the community ages 2-6 years are qualified to sell Loggers Jamboree raffle tickets with their family.  This competition is comparatively new to our others, but with the overwhelming amount of cute kids in the community we had to do something!  Contact Cathey Thornburg at (559) 676-7766 for more information.

Loggers Jamboree Parade

On Saturday there is the Loggers Jamboree Parade going through North Fork’s Main street. If you are interested in having a float in this year’s parade please complete the Parade Form and email it to summit.gardenss@gmail.com.

Contact Amanda DeMasters at (559) 676-2071 for more information.

The Wood Chopper’s Ball

Be sure not to miss out, the Ball is a great time for everyone.  On Saturday night visitors and locals come together to dance the night away.  Located at the Rec. Center and starting at 8 pm the Wood Chopper’s Ball is meant for anyone who likes foot stompin’ music, hootin’ and hollering!  In North Fork we always have our dancing shoes on!  Come join us and enjoy the music.

Presale tickets will be available until July 3rd.


INTERESTED IN BECOMING A VENDOR? Contact Amanda DeMasters @ (559) 676-2071

61st Annual Mid-Sierra Loggers Jamboree Winners

Champion Logger

Champion Logger: Nate Hodges


Queen: Khloe Owen

Little Princess

Little Princess: June McMillan

Little Logger

Little Logger: Phoenix Zavalza

Pro Am

1st Place: Nate Hodges and Justin Micallef
2nd Place: Will Kraemer and Jerry Hodges
3rd Place: Grant Asadoor and Jake Curtis
4th Place: JB Thornburg and Parker Brown

Jason Taylor Ax Throw

1st Place: Justin Micallef
2nd Place: Nate Hodges
3rd Place: Jerry Hodges
4th Place: Justin Wilson

Working Saw

1st Place: Nate Hodges
2nd Place: Jessie Hutchens Jr.
3rd Place: Jerry Hodges
4th Place: JB Thornburg

Junior Ax Throw

1st Place: Molly Hodges
2nd Place: Oscar Glass

Pro Events

Ax Throw

1st – Nate Hodges
2nd – Jerry Hodges
3rd – Louie Davis
4th – Bill Davis

Choker Setting

1st – Nate Hodges
2nd – Jerry Hodges
3rd – JB Thornburg
4th – Bill Davis

Stock Power Saw

1st – Bill Davis
2nd – Walt Page
3rd – Ben Whalen
4th – Bob Maldonado

Hand Chopping

1st – Nate Hodges
2nd – Walt Page
3rd – Will Kraemer
4th – Jerry Hodges

Tree Falling

1st – Jerry Hodges
2nd – Nate Hodges
3rd – Will Kraemer
4th – Walt Page

Ladies Ax Throw

1st – Jamie Cook
2nd – Nikki Bright
3rd – Angela Cibulskis
4th – Jessica Jansen

Ladies Power Saw

1st – Nikki Bright
2nd – April Holt
3rd – JoAnn Nolen
4th – Lani Owen


1st – Walt Page
2nd – Nate Hodges
3rd – Ben Whalen
4th – Will Kraemer

Double Bucking

1st – Nate Hodges/Jerry Hodges
2nd – Walt Page/Will Kraemer
3rd – Jessie Hutchens Jr./Jessie Hutchens
4th – Pat Hodges/Bill Davis

Jack and Jill

1st – Will Kraemer/Nikki Bright
2nd – Nate Hodges/ Lani Owen
3rd – Pat Hodges/Angela Cibulskis
4th – Justin Wilson/Kittie Bell

Speed Ax

1st – Nate Hodges
2nd – Jerry Hodges
3rd – JB Thornburg
4th – Kyle Jansen

Hot Power Saw

1st – Nate Hodges
2nd – Jesse Hutchens
3rd – Ralph Nolen
4th – Pat Hodges

61st Annual Mid-Sierra Loggers Jamboree Sponsors

North Fork Boosters Would Like to Thank:

Donaghy Sales, LLC


Pioneer Logging, Inc.

San Joaquin Forest Products

South Fork Forest Solutions, LLC

Mountain F. Enterprises

Precision Axes

Miller’s Landing Resort

North Fork Lions Club

Elevated Graphics

North Fork Supermarket

Aaron Johal Realtor

All Booster Members and Volunteers

Event Sponsors:

Choker Setting – South Fork Forest Solutions, Inc.

Stock Power Saw – Provident Payments

Ax Throw – Pioneer Logging, Inc.

Double Hand Bucking – Central Sierra Tree Company

Ladies Ax Throw – Lucy Hudson: In Memory of Willie Hudson

Jack and Jill – The Oak Room: In Memory of Gwen Punkin

Ladies Power Saw – Big Sandy Rancheria

Springboard Chop – Yosemite Axe Throwing

Speed Axe Throw – Yosemite Axe Throwing

Hand Chopping – Hedrick’s Chevrolet

Hot Power Saw – Sierra Forestry Consulting

Log Burling – South Fork Forest Solutions, Inc.

Queen, Little Logger, and Little Princess Sponsors:

Buckhorn Saloon & Restaurant

Bandit Town


Gas N Stuf

Miller’s Landing Resort

North Fork Pizza Factory

Red Barn Coffee